Tyler Clementi and Trayvon Martin: Justice Gone Awry? UPDATED!

Gene Lalor | May 21, 2012 

There are tragedies soon forgotten and there are tragedies which become iconic moments in American life because pressure groups and the media want them to be.  The suicide of Tyler Clementi on September 22nd, 2010 and the shooting death of Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012 are two such moments. 

Both resulted in miscarriages of justice due not to the incidents themselves but due to gay and black agitators and the media campaigning for unjust punishments of those deemed responsible for Clementi’s and Martin’s  untimely deaths.

  Eighteen year old Tyler Clementi hurled himself 250 feet off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River after discovering his Rutgers University roommate, Dharun Revi, and a hallmate, Molly Wei, had videotaped two of his homosexual encounters in the college room he shared with Revi.  

Following endless demonstrations staged by sympathizers in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered (LGBT) Movement, Ravi was indicted, tried, and convicted on 15 counts of invading Clementi’s privacy, bias intimidation, tampering with evidence and witnesses, and interfering with his apprehension and prosecution.

Dharun Ravi Found Guilty of  Ravi chose to stand trial.  Wei copped a plea, testified against him, and was rewarded with a slap on her wrist. 

Now 20, at sentencing on May 21st, Ravi faces ten years in prison on the bias-hate crime charge alone and deportation to the land of his birth, India, upon his release. 

Few would dispute that what Dahrun Ravi did, particularly Twittering for his friends to view his webcam recording of Clementi’s graphic second tryst, was reprehensible.  However, alleging his spying and advertising the tryst constituted a ”hate crime” meriting extended prison time and deportation is ridiculous. 

Dahrun Ravi is clearly guilty only of gross indiscretion–and of acting like a college freshman. 

No substantive evidence was ever introduced to demonstrate hatred toward Tyler Clementi because he was gay, which nowadays is a widely-accepted lifestyle especially on collegiate campuses, and Ravi was never even accused of contributing to Clementi’s decision to end his life.

Aside from the absurdity of the whole concept of a hate/thought crime, various gay rights groups contend the prosecution went way “overboard” in going after Ravi.  The admittedly “self-absorbed” Ravi refuses to accept responsibility for Clementi’s suicide and believes his roomie “had bigger problems in his life.” (http://huff.to/GLzVxn) 

He’s absolutely correct.  A talented, young, gay violinist with virtually his entire future ahead of him was undoubtedly struggling with more significant issues than a webcam exhibition in order to motivate him to dive into the Hudson. 

Should Ravi be sentenced to prison for what was essentially a stupid, teenage prank, it will be a major victory not for justice but for the power of fringe groups and the media to dictate American justice.    


A more recent instance of agitators and the MSM falsely determining what’s right and what’s wrong in America is the tragedy that occurred in Sanford, Florida on February 26th, 2012. 

The media and black agitators seized upon and made that tragedy a national farce.  Fortunately, the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case should finally be nearing an end with Zimmerman exonerated. 

As detailed here in various articles, the reporting of and reactions to George Zimmerman shooting and killing Trayvon Martin on a darkened, rainy street in Sanford have developed into a racial  travesty unrivaled for decades. 

When 15 year old Tawana Brawley outrageously claimed in 1987 that she was gang-raped by a bunch of nasty white men, she was exposed as a liar fearful of being caught by her mother learning of her visiting a former boyfriend-convict. 

When Anita Hill claimed in 1991 that she was sexually harrassed by future Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas she was outed as a liberal charlatan intent on keeping a conservative African-American off SCOTUS. 

And the beat goes on.

More recent picture  In death, Trayvon Martin has been transformed into a martyr, an innocent, unarmed teenager virtually sanctified by his ignorant and bloodthirsty supporters, a sanctification as misplaced and unwarranted as the pity expressed for Tawana Brawley and Anita Hill.  

I refuse to pass judgment on Trayvon.  Only God and the courts should judge. 

  However, based on recent revelations of evidence which could have and should have been revealed by his prosecutors much sooner,  George Zimmerman should not have been indicted for second degree murder.  

Some people think he should have been awarded a medal for doing his duty as a neighborhood watch captain and protecting his Twin Lakes’ neighbors.

At most, Zimmerman is guilty of carrying a firearm, prohibited for a watchman and, perhaps, of pursuing someone he perceived as a dangerous individual. 

Nevertheless, those dedicated to creating racial strife by depicting the grandson of an African-American, a bi-racial product of black-hispanic-Caucasian roots, acted out of malice, hatred, of blacks.

No doubt, when Zimmerman is found innocent of all charges against him, black agitators will unearth another phony instance of white discrimination and violence toward African-Americans.  Likewise, if and when Dharun Ravi is sentenced to prison for stupidity, the LGBT will search for another phony victim of “homophobia.” 

Both the gay lobby and the black lobby will be hard put to verify all that crap but Obama’s MSM will surely rise to their defense.

Trayvon Martin is old news.  The new news involves how the mainstreamers cover the truth.  Predicated on past performance, I’d bet on more propaganda over accuracy.

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