Anti-Progress Envirotards Spinning And Attacking

J.J. Jackson | May 30, 2012 

Don’t every cross an envirotard for two reasons.  First of all, they are too dumb.  Second of all, they thing they are smart.

Envirotards, greenie weenies, environmental extreemists, whatever you want to call them, have always been anti-progress.  We’ve seen  for years how they try, desperately to grind America to a halt by vilifying the fuels that run our cars and heat our homes.  They tried the whole Global Warming charade, but that fell appart faster than a Yugo on an unpaved road.

They pimp “green” energy, even to the point of getting the government to fund it because it has no ability to compete under general economic principles.  Then, alas, they find reason to fight against their own prefered energy.  You can’t build wind farms because it kills birds.  You can’t build solar farms because they destroy habitats of cute little Bugs and his friends.

Basically, envirotards are f’ed up in the head.  Hence the use of “tard” to describe them; as in “retarded”.

And they’re at it again!  Having tried for years to scuttle fracking, a great way to get natural gas out of the ground, they are resorting to their typical attacks against those who actually look at the data and report it fairly.  Why?  Because fair reporting makes them look even more retarded.    Their latest target?  The Shale Resources and Society Institute.  Why?  Because they are too smart for the envirotards and the sort of scum they attract.

The research is in.  When it comes to the fracking industry in Pennsylvania, there were 90 incidents in 2008 and 260 through August 2011.  The envirotards claim that this proves that incidents are more prevelent now and that the industry needs more regulation to, asutensively, put it out of business.  Make no mistake, that is their goal.

While these numbers are true, the Institute correctly points out that wells have increased from 170 in 2008 to 3,500 in that same time.  That means that the rate of incident has dropped from 53% to just 7.4% over the time spanned.  Hence, the study is correct, Pennsylvania has indeed done a bang up job making sure that new wells being drilled do not harm the environment compared to where they were just a few years ago.

The envirotards however?  Well, they want to only look at the fact that there were more incidents in 2011 than in 2008.  Of course however, that is misleading and we can see why.

Well, you and I can see why.  The envir

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