Who Is the Real George Zimmerman?

Gene Lalor | April 27, 2012 

represent Trayvon Martin  Amid all the twisted, biased reporting, mindless demonstrations and inflammatory rhetoric and the virtual national hysteria over George Zimmerman’s shooting Trayvon Martin, one very relevant factor has been largely overlooked: Who is George Zimmerman?  

It’s said that appearances are often deceiving and that adage applies in spades to Zimmerman.

We know for a certainty that he is a killer because he shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012 on a dark, rainy street in a gated, Sanford, Florida community. 

Zimmerman freely confessed to killing Martin in self-defense with a single shot from his legally registered Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm handgun, a weapon obtained at a cop’s suggestion, while on his rounds as captain in a neighborhood watch group. 

Since that evening, Zimmerman has been demonized by the local and national media, persecuted by racial agitators, and threatened with execution by various radicals.  He has had a price put on his head, his family has been forced to relocate, and their lives have devolved into a living hell.

Even with new information trickling out proving the details in the case have been wildly distorted by the MSM which still chooses to feature photos of Martin as a child rather than as a 6 foot 2 inch teenager with a murky background, even as new evidence has emerged supporting Zimmerman’s contention that he was viciously beaten and bloodied, even though it appears his prosecution has been politically motivated in order to bring racial peace to Florida, the demonization and threats persist and the bounty has not been lifted. 

George Zimmmerman may have killed another human being but he is anything but a murderer.  

With all the attention lavished on the unarmed Martin over the past two months, short shrift has been accorded the other victim in this tragedy, Zimmerman.  

Surprisingly, the international news agency Reuters, long known for its liberal slant, has finally provided what has been largely and starkly missing from the tragedy’s picture, the humanization of the shooter.    

According to Reuters’ “George Zimmerman: Prelude to a Shooting,” http://reut.rs/IoC8Ku, the prologue to the events of that February night as it relates to Zimmerman stands in marked contrast against his portrayal in much of the MSM as well as by black politicians and by those more interested in dissension than in justice. 

Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman leaves the Seminole County Jail after posting bail in Sanford, Florida, April 22, 2012. REUTERS-David Manning  Rather than a racist vigilante who stalked and murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood ”like a rabid dog,” George Zimmerman is shown to be a caring, sensitive, community-minded individual from a very religious and socially-involved family.  He had been studying criminal justice and hoped to be a judge down the line. 

Seriously puncturing the racist charge, the 28 year old Zimmerman is in fact half Latino with ”black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather” and his maternal grandmother babysat two African-American kids who for years took their meals with the Zimmermans and attended school with young George. 

At 18, while studying to be a realtor, he worked in Sanford for Lee Ann Benjamin and  her husband John Donnelly who said, “George impressed me right off the bat as just a real go-getter.  He was working days and taking all these classes at night.” Zimmerman later “partnered with an African-American friend and opened up an Allstate satellite office,” which went bust.

Still, anymore than Trayvon Martin was a saint, George Zimmerman wasn’t saintly either. 

Though he served as an altar boy for ten years, in 2005 he ”was charged with resisting arrest, violence, and battery of an officer” although never convicted because he agreed to take “a pre-trial diversion program that included anger-management classes.”  That same year, he was also involved in a dispute with a former fiancee, both of whom filed restraining orders “alleging domestic violence.” 

However, Zimmerman’s troubles really began he was asked to establish a neighborhood watch program for his Twin Lakes community which had been plagued by transients, burglaries, attempted burglaries, home invasions, and reports of strangers, black youths, “casing” the neighborhood.  

No one was aware he carried a gun on his patrols and so doing was a violation of neighborhood watch rules but Zimmerman, the go-to man of Twin Lakes when a crime was committed, was a prudent man prepared for any situation when he voluntarily performed a much-needed service for his fellow citizens. 

Contrary to widespread, erroneous reports, he was never specifically ordered to discontinue following Martin that horrific night.  Rather, the 911 dispatcher indicated to him, ”We don’t need you to do that,” at which point he immediately complied. 

What Zimmerman very definitely did not do is what NBC disgracefully and absurdly edited from the 911 tape to strongly imply he relentlessly pursued Martin because the latter was a black man.  

See http://thedc.com/HEBjOo.  

In its exceptionally rare, totally politically-incorrect account of the Zimmerman-Martin debacle, Reuters conducted “extensive interviews with relatives, friends, neighbors, schoolmates and co-workers” of the accused. 

Most of those associations might be expected to defend Zimmerman but neighbors, who probably would have seen him almost daily, are perhaps best qualified to attest to his personality and character. 

One such neighbor, an African-American woman who tellingly refused to divulge her identity out of fear of repercussions and retaliation gave an unsolicited testimonial to Zimmerman.   She told Reuters, “There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood.  That’s why George was suspicious of Trayvon Martin.” 

None of the above truths will in any way deter black racial agitators intent on hanging George Zimmerman or dissuade African-Americans from the ill-conceived notion that a mixed- race man murdered a black man because he was black or make the MSM fair and balanced. 

Nevertheless, we can always hope.    

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