Clarifications on Voter Fraud, Polar Bears, Clint Eastwood, God, and Obamacare

Gene Lalor | February 10, 2012 

Anyone who believes life is simple and uncomplicated, who believes our world and national news and events aren’t always in flux, who believes the status quo will always be the status, must also regularly tune into Comedy Central liberal comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to find out what’s happening on our planet and its import. 

Believe it or not, based on admittedly anecdotal experience, many moronic people do turn to Colbert and Stewart as well as to Barack Hussein Obama’s MSM for their news.  

For those among us who are not brain-dead, a few clarifications: 

.  Allegations that Hillary Clinton’s vast right wing conspirators are dedicated to exposing extremist left wing electoral turpitude have been proven correct in the swing state of Florida.  In a single district, amost a hundred illegal aliens were registered to vote in the general election in November.  Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington said, “It could change the whole complexion of the election.”

  Considering which candidate is the principal supporter of illegals’ “rights,” guessing they were planning to vote for Barack Hussein Obama would be a safe bet.    

.   Claims that polar bears have been suffering during our era of alleged global-warming and shrinking ice caps have, once again, been proven false.  Actually, those bears are thriving and the ice caps have been frozen in place even in the Himalayas, despite experts.’ contentions in 2009 that they wouldn’t exist in 2035.  

Asian glaciers : Hopar glacier in the Central Hunza Region in Pakistan  In lieu of those realities, we can be certain the purveyors of climate panic will soon revert to their seventies’ warnings of a new Ice Age as a fear-substitute in order to keep the world terrified and Al Gore’s wallet stuffed. 

.  Democrat plaudits for that Clint Eastwood “half-time” Super Bowl ad extolling the auto industry’s comeback and, by inference, praising Obama’s bail out, were premature and erroneous.  The actor-director corrected the intentional misconception by announcing he never agreed with the bail out and the ad creators, Aaron Allen and Jim Lasser, have been outed as Obama operatives. 

A headshot of an older man is looking to the left while smiling  The 81 year old Eastwood has long been a libertarian Republican who would sooner vote for like-minded Ron Paul than he would for a socialist Democrat.  He might ask Allen and Lasser to make his day for being sneaks.   

.  Americans who believe ours is still a nation “under God” have been contradicted, at least by the Air Force, which has removed a reference to a deity from the Air Force Rapid Capability logo to placate atheists. 

  God-deniers comprise at most 4% of the population but our increasingly-politically correct military leaders see fit to indulge atheistic idiosyncrisy while they deny believers their right to display their beliefs.        

.  People who detest Obamacare and our hypocritical leader are evidently misguided since the president reinforced his Christian faith at the National Prayer Breakfast.  Obama also claimed that Jesus Christ and the Bible are his motivations for advocating passage of both Dodd-Frank and Obamacare.   

Barack Obama Roast  Contrary to popular opinion, the devil didn’t make him do it, Jesus did, thereby verifying the suspicion that phony politicians get religious and will say anything to fool people. 

This all goes to prove that things aren’t always exactly what they appear to be.  The more things change the more they really don’t, especially in politics.

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One Response to “Clarifications on Voter Fraud, Polar Bears, Clint Eastwood, God, and Obamacare”

  1. John C. Bossolt on February 10th, 2012 4:24 am

    Can it be that our Hawaiian president and his handlers (Val Jarrett, Dave Axlerod, George Soros, et. al.) “misunderestimated” (a little Bushism here) the virulence of the Catholic reaction to the proposed defecation on our Bill of rights?

    Naw – they welcome the uproar. After all, causing chaos and confusion are the two principal weapons of the Prince of Darkness himself. And scattering of the sheep to facilitate the wolf’s supper is only instinctual. Bring it on, right Barack?

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