The Evil that Is György Schwartz-Soros

Gene Lalor | February 15, 2011 

   Evil has been defined as “morally reprehensible.”  That definition fails to do justice to the evil that is George Soros.

There are few words more pejorative and demeaning than the word “evil.”  The word conjures up disturbing, devilish visions of unremitting wickedness and abject immorality.  ”Evil” should not be used lightly but when deeds or individuals defy more benign description it must be used.  György Schwartz, aka George Soros, is evil incarnate. 

Variously described as a financier and philanthropist, on his website, and as a bizarre, manipulative, nefarious, soul-less psychopath and criminal anarchist by more objective sources, Schwartz-Soros, a Hungarian-born Jew, actually facilitated the Nazi occupation of his native country and persecution of his fellow Jews, an insidious propensity for treachery and treasonous behavior he later brought to England and America.   

Even before young György’s father renounced Judaism, György capitalized on the Holocaust-in-progress by collaborating with the Nazi occupiers in Hungary.  Fully aware they were being transported to their deaths, he helped facilitate the shipment of Jews to concentration camps in order to confiscate their property.  As if abandoning his heritage, his people, and his nation weren’t sufficiently evil, just last month Soros freely confessed he didn’t give a damn about anything he did and offered no regrets for his actions. 

Some 437,000 Hungarian Jews were “deported,” mostly to Auschwitz.  See a summary of Soros’ Nazi-era dealings and lack of remorse for the suffering he helped cause here:  

In an article titled, “George Soros, Nazi Obsessive,” Kyle-Anne Shiver discusses Soros’–and his equally-amoral father’s–financial skullduggeries in Budapest and cites some of György’s recent descents into evil in America.  His senseless, repugnant comparisons of President George W. Bush to Hitler, after young György had prospered as a Nazi enabler, and his attack machine,’s, vicious abuse of General David Petraeus as “General Betrayus” only emphasized Soros’ character flaws and deficits as a human being. 

On what basis Soros felt qualified to call himself one of “us,” as an American, is as much an enigmatic evil as Soros. 

What Shiver does not emphasize in her excellent article is the overriding danger and threat George Soros poses for the nation he presumptuously calls his own.  She goes much too easy on him.  She quotes him telling a reporter in 2003 the many reasons he despised GWB and saying, “My experiences under Nazi and Soviet rule have sensitized me” to Bush’s alleged Nazi proclivities:

The thought of Soros being “sensitized” to anything aside from Soros is beyond absurd. 

Shiver contends that Soros “has a Nazi problem,” which he does, as well as severe and chronic ethical and moral problems.  Anyone who can say, as Soros did later in life, that the year 1944 during which he aided, abetted, and profited from the mass murder of his own people was “the most exciting time of my life” is in need of greater help than even the most skilled shrinks could give him.  True, he was only 14 in 1944 but even after he reached full maturity he still relished that excitement. 

Adding more “exhilaration” to his life, in 1945 he and his father embarked on long careers in black market currency speculation in decimated Hungary, a skill he perfected after emigrating.  Emigrants from forlorn lands. back in those days, usually thanked God for their good fortune.  The atheist Soros took another tack, bilking and subverting the nations that had saved him. 

Convicted in France for insider trading, his resume’ also includes the title of “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.”  In addition, he’s the man behind the Quantum hedge fund which scored billions for the super rich at the same time America’s burst housing bubble was destroying the lives of millions of Americans.  The one constant in Soros’ sorry existence is his venal, utter disregard for the poor, the underprivileged, and the disenfranchised, an inexplicable constant in view of the fact he is a self-proclaimed socialist. 

Then, again, considering the hypocritical nature of most socialists, that’s not all that inesplicable.  Do see “Just Who the Hell is George Soros,”, for more detailed specifics on who the hell he is and on the hellish evils he has wrought on the planet.      

Shiver points out that György Schwartz-Soros told his biographer that his greatest ambition was to “become the conscience of the world.”  Shiver asks, “If Soros’ own conscience is the guide, who would wish to live in that world?”  No one I know.  Neither do I know anyone who is aware of Soros’ history who would agree to being in the same room as he is without a gas mask–and an exorcist. 

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