The Long And Short Of The Wikileaks and Julian Assange Saga

J.J. Jackson | December 11, 2010 

Julian Assange, proprietor of the infamous site called Wikileaks, is a strange bird. He is not a leftist but the leftists have, for the most part, embraced him. They embrace him because he shares their disdain for American’s current campaign against terrorists around the world. But Mr. Assange is no leftist. In really he is an anarchist, a true “right winger”. While the political left is busy decrying political centrists like myself who believe in legitimate, limited defined constitutional government as being on the far right, Mr. Assange is just that which they claim to hate so much. But still, for years, the left has fawned over this man because they thought for sure that he could bring down the true evil of the world which is, in their eyes, the United States.

Even as the most recent round of leaks by Mr. Assange was started the left salivated. They heard that the leaks would contain all sorts of classified documents about Iraq, Afghanistan, the wars waged there. And from that point on I was receiving all sorts of gleeful emails from assorted folks telling me how these documents would prove the United States was behind the 9/11 attacks, that Saddam Hussein never had any WMDs at all, that Osama bin Laden was really a covert CIA operative whose mission it was to perpetrate “false flag” terrorist attacks, and on and on.

Then the leaks came. Not one document verifying a conspiracy in the White House by that incompetent George W. Bush fellow to kill Americans on a fateful day in September. Not one document tying Osama bin Laden to the CIA. But we did get a plethora of documents that documented how repeatedly and often U.S. forces in Iraq found weapons caches that tested positive for blister agents and verified how prevalent Saddam’s weapons really were even as our own government refused to point this out when challenged.

And with each leak, after all the bluster from the left and conspiracy theorists, they slinked back into the woodwork disappointed.

In fact, the vast majority of these documents leaked by Mr. Assange were not really all that ground breaking. I am sorry but I have to tell truth and that is the truth. They were classified, but the information within many of them was known for years by anyone with sources inside Washington. Civilians caught in the crossfire between terrorists who hid among them, using them as human shields, and the U.S. military? Nope, nothing groundbreaking with that. China acting as an intermediary between North Korea and Iran? Yawn! That was only news to those leftists with their head in the sand. The only difference now was we had the document to prove it not just the hearsay that we had previously. Liberals within our government conspiring to bribe and even threaten other countries to get them to sign on Global Warming/Climate Change actions that were being discredited left and right? Still not really news. But it made the left hush up even tighter now that the evidence was out.

We even had diplomatic cables which shockingly, he says facetiously, showed that our diplomats had some unkind things to say about foreign leaders. Spare me the outrage. Chancellor Merkel in Germany and Mr. Pootie-Poo over there in Russia can feign all the outrage they want over such things but the fact is they say the same, and worse, about our leaders. And they already knew about 98% of these cables and what they said. It makes good television for them to pretend to be in high dudgeon over them but in the world of diplomacy it means nothing because of what we know they have said about us.

But among the entirety of these tabloid like letters and documents that proved things we already knew were enough documents that should never have been released and never would have been released by anyone with a moral compass that wasn’t broken. Now, some of my more naive libertarian friends disagree with this. They think that our government should not have any secrets at all from the American people. Seriously though? Does anyone that has expended any brain power at all really think that the location of a Special Forces detachment in a war zone should not be something closely guarded? Or do some people really think, and I use that term loosely, that we should announce their exact location so the enemy can take them out? Do not laugh because those sorts of people actually do exist and Julian Assange is one of them.

We learned in the course of these leaks things like the names of those in Afghanistan who had sided with and aided our troops against the terrorists in the Taliban. Yeah, with that information floating around how easy to you think it will be in the future to get people to turn on the terrorists? This is the problem with Mr. Assange and Wikileaks in that they have no filter and their moral compass points South by South West instead of North. Terrorists, the United States military, eh, they are all the same in the eyes of Mr. Assange. In fact, to be honest, the United States military is probably much worse to people like him.

At this point in time there is really no argument that Mr. Assange has engaged in espionage. But instead he is sitting in jail on some trumped up rape charge which is so laughable that no one, even those people like me who think Assange is scum, believe it for one minute.

And people wonder why our government is rarely taken seriously? Maybe instead of keeping so many pointless secrets the government should focus on just those that are really and truly important secrets? Do that and Julian Assange and Wikileaks becomes even more irrelevant than they already are for distributing common, but classified, knowledge. But common knowledge none-the-less.

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