How Bout Them Democrats

David L Lamon | October 24, 2010 


How Bout Them Democrats

David L Lamon

We are now seeing the effects of Obama and the Democrats financial overhaul in the banking community and it does follow the communists’ agenda of “spreading the wealth” to a tee. Let me briefly explain just one instance that has surfaced recently. Liberal Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and a democrat is responsible for not allowing or severely restricting a bank’s right to charge a fee for overdraft of one’s account. This is the same guy that referred to our combat veterans as murderers. In following the spread the wealth socialist policy Durbin and the rest of the Democrats made it law that irresponsible people that don’t manage their checking accounts to see to it they don’t spend more than they have in their checking account has now forced banks to make customers that do watch their bottom lines concerning their bank balances pay for those that do not, hence the “spread the wealth phenomenon” Obama and the Democrats have instituted since the Imposter took the reins of the presidency.

Next time you see him on TV with that big grin or smile using enticing words of man’s wisdom think about this. As I have warned many times before don’t judge appearance but actions. It is not what he says that counts but what he does. Anyone that is honest will have to admit the man can’t get in front of the camera without lying through his teeth, which brings me to my summation of the man. He has two-left feet, he don’t love Jesus and these are his good points. If you get the feeling I ain’t crazy about the man, you are right!

Unelected Bureaucratic Federal Reserve Too Powerful

The Federal Reserve for those of you in the “don’t know” is an independent entity that has total control of monetary policy over all Americans. They take your tax dollars to prop up failed dictatorial regimes and are 100% involved in the creation of a one-world government. They send your tax dollars overseas to European central banks to save them from themselves with their failed socialistic policy and to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and no I am not through; also the newly created World Bank to spread the wealth. It creates recession, depression, deflation or inflation whenever it decides to do so and now the Democrats have extended their powers over the purse to a much larger extent. For those of you on the left that thinks it is a good thing to help the less fortunate in the world, it is not the business of government to do this but lies strictly with the people themselves in these countries to do the right things to prosper.

Your Democrats, they must be yours cause they sure ain’t mine today have replaced God with themselves and if allowed to continue fully intend to take him completely out of the equation. God blesses and prospers those that live holy and righteous lives and America for a long time lived Christian lives and prospered as a result. This is true meaning of that “shining city on a hill”. This is what has differentiated America from the rest of the world for eons and was the envy of the rest of the world. Yep, I make the claim God is a free market capitalist and not a socialist as the Democrats would have you believe. Never in the bible did God demand the government spread the wealth but called on individual entities such as the church and individuals themselves to carry out this message of helping the poor. He did create conditions that were conducive for all who aspired for success to have an equal chance, you know like the constitution of the United States does for America. By the way, is there evidence our founding fathers followed after those same principles? Tee Hee!

They print money like there is no tomorrow that is backed up by nothing but the hope and whim the Chinese will continue to buy our notes. I threw this in for free so you “will know” who we are dealing with and why congressmen like Ron Paul and other conservatives demand the Federal Reserve be dissolved in the interest of freedom and be compliant with the constitutional demand that only congress can coin money. The creation of the Federal Reserve was done very deceptively in 1913 when congress was adjourning but secretly held back those elected that favored the creation of the Federal Reserve a deceptive name for “central bank” and they passed it with only handful of politicians present. How bout them Democrats!

The Story

According to watchdog John Berlau the main culprits in free checking’s demise are the Federal Reserve’s regulations that severely restrict banks from charging overdraft fees when customers make debit card purchases that exceed the balance of their checking accounts and the amendment from Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., putting price controls on the interchange fees that merchants pay to banks and credit unions to process debit cards.

On Tuesday, as noted in the AP story, Bank of America took a $10.4 billion charge against earnings from projected loss of revenue due to the Durbin amendment.

The rules were sold as “protecting” the majority of consumers, but in reality they shifted costs to responsible middle-class consumers from irresponsible consumers who didn’t keep track of their checking accounts.

Some of the nation’s biggest retailers also used bank-bashing rhetoric to get their share of corporate welfare at consumers’ expense. As The Atlantic’s Indiviglio writes, “At this point, banks are forbidden from squeezing as many fees out of bad customers and have less freedom to charge merchants. So their only alternative is to demand more money from their good customers.”

How bout them Democrats!

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