Feminazis and Feminists

Gene Lalor | May 1, 2009 

The title epithet, “feminazis,” is a word popularized by Rush Limbaugh to describe extremist feminists who have adopted feminism as a last resort to conceal a basic lack of attractiveness and for whom the rite and right of abortion border on the sacramental.  Rush is sometimes a tad less kind and, after three wives, he may be a tad jaded so we’ll leave it at that.

I don’t know if Jessica Valenti quite fits that definition; she certainly doesn’t when contrasted with the late Betty Friedan  whose book, The Feminine Mystique, had to have been written with a ton of input from women who were endowed with much more feminity and mystique than God gave Betty.

Valenti, however, does add a new fillip to the decades-old struggle for . . . I’m actually not really sure just what modern feminists are struggling for.  In apparent frustration, Freud said, “What do women want?” and I’m just as confused as to what feminists want.

Valenti’s stimulating contribution to the feminist evolution concerns virginity as pointed out in ” ‘Today’ Show Feature: ‘There’s No Such Thing As Virginity,’ ” by Warner Todd Huston: /2009/04/today-show-feature-theres-no-such-thing-as-virginity/.

To males, female virginity is a skitchy topic but unless feminazis have banished us to an underclass due to our gender I think we’re entitled to an opinion on the subject.  After all, the “myopic feminist” Valenti’s opinion begs challenge.  I would only add to that ”myopic feminist” is a clear redundancy.

Ms. Valenti is an ardent left-wing blogger, posting on Feministing.com as well as writing for NARAL Pro-Choice America.  NARAL, originally founded in 1968 as the National Association for Repeal of Anti-abortion Laws by that same Betty Friedan and arch abortion apologist, Bernard Nathanson, changed its name after their victory in Roe v Wade in ‘73 and after the number of little dead abortion victims began to grow exponentially.

With her NARAL affiliation, it’s not much of a stretch to say Jessica Valenti is probably an ardent pro-abortionist and also probably a committed lesbian, leftist believer in the sacramental nature of extinguishing the lives of pre-born human beings in the name of feminism.

For that ilk, turkey basters work just fine for procreation and without all the fuss and muss of normal baby-making and if the product isn’t perfect, as in female, they can always just dismember and flush it and start all over again.  No biggie.

The thirty year old Valenti, marital status unknown, appeared on the “Today” show to promote her new book, The Purity Myth, How America’s Obsession with Virginity Is Hurting Young Women.

As we all know, males–boys, men, even 40 year old men–lose their virginity as well as girls and women but the word “mystique” is primarily associated with the female experience, or lack thereof.  The male, beastly thing that he is, tends to view the loss of his natural state as a rite of passage, even a conquest if he happens to be an cloddish super-beast. 

Then, too, males suffer no physical loss or physical manifestation, as in the rupture of the female’s hymen.  Valenti regards that intact membrane as inconsequential and harmful to young women. 

Valenti’s “first” occurred when she was a high school freshman, a very telling admission in her book and in her “Today” appearance:  http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/30353377//.

Whereas to some, or most, girls the loss of a hymen in the act of sexual intercourse may not be a comfortable or even pleasurable event.  But do most think it’s no “big deal,” as Jessica felt?  Without passing judgement, I would suggest that a 13 or 14 year old may not be quite qualified to adequately evaluate the meaning and personal ramifications of a first sexual encounter.  If her partner were also 13 or 14, or 17 or 18, that too would alter the equation. 

In the intervening 17 years or so, Jessica’s feelings have grown into an immutable belief, a fixed surety based on the fact she has written a book about it.  Based on her later admissions, not only was the loss of her virginity not a lot of fun but it adversely affected her opinions of the male of the species.

Jessica went on to say, in the excerpt of her book that I read, that when she got to college her male friends referred to their conquests ”as sluts and whores.”  She consulted her “queer” buds who concurred with that prevailing wisdom and at the ripe old age of 17 or 18, started to realize how useless “virginity” really was. 

This personal eureka moment was coincidental with her determination that men, if not useless, were callous and unfeeling toward her gender. 

She illustrates her veiled anger with males in this passage on a male congressman who opposed abortion even in the case of brutal rape: ”There’s no separating virginity, violence, and control over women’s bodies [by men]. When it comes to women who are perceived as ‘impure,’ there’s a narrative of punishment that underscores U.S. policy and public discourse–be it legislation that limits reproductive rights through the assumption that women should be chaste before marriage, or a [male dominated] media that demonizes victims of sexual violence.”

Especially in the loose morality of the twenty first century, the passage betrays a notable disconnect with sexual and legislative realities today, except insofar as much of society values chastity and does not agree with Jessica on a woman’s right to murder a pre-born baby.  As for linking virginity and violence and demonizing sexual assault victims, that is purely and simply a crock of feminazist, fantasy hooey. 

I would posit that Jessica then also decided to “go gay” so she would never again be subjected to anyone calling her a slut, whore, or worse.  Today, merited or not and thanks to an agreeable mass media, “lesbian” has a nouveau cache’ of modern and classy.  

There are some committed feminists out there who aren’t necessarily lesbian, pro-abortionist, male-haters.   However, they certainly aren’t very “out there,” as in visible, because our repressive, feminist-leaning press refuses to afford them any coverage since they’re outside the feminazi mainstream.  One such group is Feminists for Life, http://www.feministsforlife.org/

Others in the mainstream include Feminists for Animal Rights, Feminists for Free Expression, Feminists Against Sweatshops, maybe even Feminists Against Feminism but most appear to be niche groups, variants on the same theme as expressed here:” I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute . . .  ” (http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/2007/03/10/faq-what-is-feminism/.

Described by that website as a ”classic quote,” that sentiment says it all about the vast majority of feminists, namely that they seem to be enraged people who, like Jessica Valenti, have been hurt in some way by the male of the species and withdrew into feminism and/or lesbianism as a defense mechanism against all things male.

To each her own, I guess, and if that were their rationale I would pity them but leave them to their own devices, so to speak, and hope they find true happiness in that unnatural lifestyle.  Obviously, they would strongly disagree with it being unnatural, which would undercut their entire belief system. 

Just as obviously it is unnatural since a lesbian life runs contrary to the laws of nature in that sans the participation of a male, or that turkey baster, reproduction is impossible.  Just as with the lovely ladies of the ancient Greek isle of Lesbos, their “race” would soon become extinct.  At least the Lesbos ladies had the sensuous lyrics of the poet Sappho to remind posterity of their existence.

The trouble with the feminazi wing of feminism, as it is with homosexuals, is that they aren’t nearly content with enjoying their activities with other women, or other men with homosexuals.   Rather, they seek to promote their aberrant behaviors.  Thus, lesbians in a sort of vendetta against males, have been working tirelessly to emasculate and feminize the masculine sex–and they are well on their way to achieving the wussification of the American male. 

Huston refers to ”the typical feminist idea that boys and girls are exactly the same and that the differences between them are merely societal constructs” and that to deny and strive to feminize boys, and young men, would lead to “no families at all, no stability for children and a nation of frustrated, unhappy citizens.” 

In two words, it would effect societal chaos.

Jessica Valenti refers to “a virgin/whore straitjacket” as if there were no state in between.  She lambastes and ridicules not only the ideas of purity and virginity but also of young women “saving themselves” for marriage, abstinence-only school programs, and something she calls “virginity fetishism.” 

Poor Jessica Valenti carelessly reveals her whole disturbed thesis in this one-line confession: In high school, “I was the cruelly labeled slut.”  And there we have it.  The whole purpose behind The Purity Myth is getting even and getting as many young girls as possible to “give it up,” the sooner the better, so that, feminazi or plain old feminist, Jessica Valenti can feel better about herself. 

Misery truly does love company. 


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