Lib Talker Malloy And a Racist Spoof: Jindal As Computer Tech from India

Warner Todd Huston | February 28, 2009 

-By Warner Todd Huston

Our friends over at Radio Equalizer caught liberal radio talker Mike Malloy in a bit of hypocrisy. Malloy obviously thought his wife was a scream as she pretended to be Governor Bobby Jindal portraying him as an outsourced computer tech from India replete with cutsey faux Indian accent. Malloy’s wife acted as if Jindal was the Simpson’s character Apu, or something.

Now, one cannot help but realize that if a conservative had indulged in such an outrageous parody of an ethnic politician, Mike Malloy would have eviscerated that action presenting it as a high crime. Yet, when he and his wife indulge in it… why it’s hilarious don’t you know?

It only goes to show the double standard of the left. For me but not for thee so often seems to be their guiding principle.

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