For Once I agree with Robert Stacy McCain

Paleo Pat | January 3, 2009 

Mark your calendar folks cause this does not happen often at all.

Robert Stacy McCain on Bristol Palin’s Baby:

I dislike the idea of Bristol Palin offering generic advice — “Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with” — rather than acknowledging any personal responsibility for her own situation. Is the problem that teenagers in general are getting pregnant, or that you got pregnant? In point of fact, teen pregnancy is at an all-time low. Is it too much to expect something like a mea culpa?

It is finally nice to see a Neo-Conservative admit that Bristol Palin’s baby thing is about the most hypocritcal thing on the face of the planet. This is supposed to be the party of morals. But it seems that the party of morals has kinda left the morals behind, in favor of social liberalism.

Having a woman on the V.P. proved that, in my eyes at least.

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One Response to “For Once I agree with Robert Stacy McCain”

  1. GuruX on January 3rd, 2009 8:51 am

    What on God’s Earth does having “a woman on the V.P.” have to do with your claim that “It seems that the party of morals has kinda left the morals behind, in favor of social liberalism.”?

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