ABC News Shocker: The ‘All Time Dumb Quotes’ Are All From Republicans

Warner Todd Huston | January 2, 2009 

-By Warner Todd Huston

Looks like ABC News is starting out 2009 with a partisan bang. On its main page, ABC News is hosting a slide show featuring what it is calling the “All Time Dumb Quotes.” Now, these are not all strictly political dumb quotes, to be sure. They also have the empty headed Christina Aguilera, that sharp as a tack Jessica Simpson and other denizens of the Hollywood Mensa club among the 16 featured quotes – and some of them are doozies, too. But, there are six political quotes five by Republicans and one by Tina Fey making fun of a Republican (Palin, naturally), yet there are no “All Time Dumb Quotes” from any Democrats. Not a one. Apparently ABC doesn’t think there’s ever been a dumb Democrat?

Even more absurdly, all these “dumb quotes” are from the last year or so. Apparently, ABC also is not aware of anything “dumb” that was ever said before contemporary history. Yet, even as all these supposedly “All Time Dumb Quotes” are recent, they have one quote…. just one… from farther back in time than just recently. And guess who it’s from? Amazingly, the ONLY “All Time Dumb Quote” ABC can find from before the year 2008 is a 1988 quote by… drum roll please… Dan Quayle!

Here are the political “All Time Dumb Quotes” that ABC gave us, each with the heading of Did They Really Say That?

of course. Though, the McCain quote does not really belong there because in context to the subject he was on, there is nothing “dumb” about him stating that we could be in Iraq for 100 years if the Iraqis want us there. After all, we’ve been in Europe nearly 65 years now after the close of WWII! Why should Iraq necessarily be different?

The rest of the ABC list, as I mentioned, is taken up by Hollywierd’s dimmest bulbs. But, five quotes from Republicans out of 16 “All Time Dumb Quotes” without a single Democrat cracking the list? How does that even make sense?

Did ABC some how miss these gems:

And this is just a tiny, tiny list. There are enough stupid Democrat quotes to fill a phone book over the last 10 years alone. Yet, curiously enough, ABC News just couldn’t recall any of these quotes.

Shocking, isn’t it?

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One Response to “ABC News Shocker: The ‘All Time Dumb Quotes’ Are All From Republicans”

  1. J.J. Jackson on January 2nd, 2009 9:02 am

    You say, “Amazingly, the ONLY “All Time Dumb Quote” ABC can find from before the year 2008 is a 1988 quote by… drum roll please… Dan Quayle!”

    But in your list there are two more. Bush’s 2004 OB-GYN quote and Ahhhhnold’s 2003 quote on “gay” marriage.

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