Fred Thompson Still Just A Tease

J.J. Jackson | June 1, 2007 

Mr. Thompson is creating a committee that will let him begin raising money towards a full-blown national campaign, supporters said today. They hope his high name recognition as an actor and radio commentator, his conservative stands on issues like immigration and government spending, and his strength in the South will differentiate him from a field that has not yet struck a chord with the Republican base.The disclosure of his intensifying activities sent ripples through the party today, with the campaigns of two of the main Republican candidates checking with their deputies in Iowa and New Hampshire to monitor any hiring or fund-raising efforts by Mr. Thompson. One campaign held a brief strategy session to review poll results on Mr. Thompson, and found him well-positioned even as an unannounced candidate.

His moves come as Republicans have failed to coalesce around a candidate, as they struggle with the war in Iraq, President Bush’s unpopularity and questions about the party’s ideological direction. That has created the potential for someone to fill a void in a campaign field that, judging by polls and other reaction, has left Republican voters wanting more.

“Thompson is a credible conservative, he has a strong voting record, he has strong, almost Reagan-esque communication skills,” said Scott Reed, who managed the presidential campaign of Republican Bob Dole in 1996 and who is unaffiliated with any campaigns. “And like Reagan, he believes in an ideological agenda in an undiluted way. He doesn’t have a bunch of qualifiers on things when he defends the Reagan years.”

I’ve said it before and I will proudly say it again. This country doesn’t need another Reagan. It needs someone better than Reagan. It needs omeone that will not be lulled into believing you can grant amnesty to illegals and that you can count on liberals to curb spending and maintain limited government among other things including fighting against terrorists and the states that sponsor them.  Not a single candidate in the Republican field fits that bill so far.

But, Fred Thompson is still nothing more than a “tease” at this point anyway. Although he is looking like he is going to have a very stronger showing in next week’s T-shirt Straw Poll based on the number of items we are selling for different candidates. Stay tuned for those results on Monday.

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  1. Geoffrey on June 1st, 2007 3:38 pm

    BOYCOTT BUSH REPUBLICANISM!! DO NOT give to the Republican Party!! THANKS

  2. PinguMama on June 1st, 2007 5:28 pm


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